Danger of Noise Pollution We come across different types of sounds every day. Stop for a moment and think about your favorite sound. Now imagine that your ability to hear this lovely soundphoenix accident attorneys gradually decreasing. It would be very sad to even say anything about it. But it can become a reality when one has to listen to loud noises continuously at their home or workplace. Such sounds are unwanted and can be irritating and dangerous to hearing. It would be more correct to call them ‘noise’. In other words, those loud and dissonant sounds and vibrations that are unpleasant and stinging in the ears are called “noise”. The word Noisephoenix accident attorneys derived from the Latin word Nausea.

Itphoenix accident attorneys often said that noise pollutionphoenix accident attorneys different from other types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution because once controlled it does not leave waste residue in the environment or human body. However thisphoenix accident attorneys not true because noise also definitely leaves its side effects. These effects can be made worse by continued exposure to harmful sounds.

What causes noise pollution?

Commercial and industrial activities, construction work using heavy and noisy machinery, air, rail and road transport, rapid increase in the use of machinery and other technology – all these issues are associated with noise pollution. Farming machinery like tractors, thresher, harvester, tube well, machine plough etc. have made agriculture work highly mechanized as well as high noise generating work. Noisephoenix accident attorneys at its peak in most social gatherings in India. Noise amplifiers also contribute a great deal to noise pollution.

Household appliances such as TVs, mobile phones, mixer grinders, pressure cookers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers, coolers and air conditioners, etc., also contribute significantly to noise pollution. Grass cutting machines and gardening equipment also add to the clamor.

ill effects of noise pollution

Noise not only affects human bodies, but also has a bad effect on flora, fauna and property. The destructive effects of noise are its intensity (higher intensity measured in decibels), Depends on duration and frequency or pitch (high or low). Inside the human ear are sensory hair cells and auditory nerves. These are also called ear canal nerves or acoustic nerves. Hair cells are found in the inner part online accredited psychology degree ear whichphoenix accident attorneys called cochlear or eardrum. Each ear canal contains about 3500 inner hair cells and 12000 outer hair cells. The hair cells convert the sound sensations into electrical impulses and these electrical impulses are transmitted to the brain through the acoustic nerves. The brain tells you that you are hearing a sound. However, if the cochlear nerves have to repeatedly listen to high-intensity sounds, they may not have the opportunity to fully return to their original form. In this way they can be permanently damaged and their damage to sound induced hearing

In addition to sensory cells, the delicate eardrum or eardrum can also be permanently damaged by a sudden loud sound like an explosion. Another condition that occurs as a result of noise pollutionphoenix accident attorneys ear-humping whichphoenix accident attorneys often caused by N. I.H. L. is a part of it. Ear humphoenix accident attorneys a condition in which a buzzing, bell or hiss-like soundphoenix accident attorneys heard inside the ear, while therephoenix accident attorneys a complete absence of any external sound heard by others. This condition takes away the peace online accredited psychology degree patient. Hearing loss not only affects the patient’s sleep and concentration, but also disturbs his contemplation and emotions. Apart from affecting hearing, noise also has some inaudible effects. It affects sleep and concentration and can lead to cardiac, respiratory, May also cause neurological and other physiological side effects. Many psychological and physiological problems such as stress, high blood pressure, anger, depression, low resistance to diseases and infections, circulatory problems, ulcers, asthma, abdominal disorders, headaches and gastric disorders have been directly linked to noise.

The elderly, women and children suffer the most due to noise pollution. Studies have shown that hearing loss related to agingphoenix accident attorneys occurring very quickly. Earlier, elderly people used to complain about the loss of hearing power after crossing the age of 60. But now people in the age group of 45-50 years start complaining about it. Women, especially pregnant women, suffer from acoustic stress. This stress can harm their fetus. A fetus exposed to noise may have a change in heart rate or may be affected by its mother’s acoustic stress. Continuous exposure to loud noises causes so much stress or irritability in pregnant women that it can even lead to miscarriage in some exceptional cases. Children can be most affected by noise pollution.

An article published in the journal Indian Pediatrics a few years ago stated that exposure to noise during pregnancy could result in high-frequency hearing loss, growth-impairment, eardrum damage and premature birth disorders in newborns. May be. Noise pollution has been linked to slow language development and slow learning, resulting in learning disabilities as well as difficulties with concentration in older children. Children who live in the midst of high noise have been found to have high stress and lack of motivation.

impact on living beings

Noise harms both domesticated animals and domestic animals and wildlife too. Noise can interfere with the feeding and reproduction process of wildlife. species of animals that depend on mating calls to reproduce, Due to excessive noise emanating from saw machines used by humans to cut timber and other similar activities in the forests, they are not able to hear the meeting calls. As a result those species are unable to reproduce which causes a decline in their numbers. Some animals use sound waves to locate and find their way out during their migration elsewhere. Interfering with their sound signals means they are easily misled. In order to adjust to the loud sounds happening around them, some animals start raising their voices, which increases the level of noise pollution further.

Marine animals are also not untouched by the ill effects of noise pollution. They also have to fall prey to the noise generated by underwater submarines and large ships. Underwater industrial excavations, underwater construction work and military activities also generate a lot of underwater noise pollution (UNP). Many marine species, especially whales, depend on sound for communication among themselves. Therefore, any interference produced by noise pollution can negatively affect their search for food, finding mates to mate, finding a way, protecting themselves from enemies and taking care online accredited psychology degree ir children.

Impact on property and buildings

Loud soundphoenix accident attorneys very dangerous for buildings, bridges and ancient monuments. It generates vibrations that collide with the walls of buildings and make their structures weak. Many bridges have collapsed due to a natural phenomenon called echo or echo. Buildings that are especially located near high-noise areas, such as airports and high-traffic areas, are most vulnerable. Another reason for this problemphoenix accident attorneys the paradoxical roar emanating from jet airplanes. In addition to causing deafening side effects, in some cases these roars have been known to break window panes and destroy old dilapidated buildings.

combating danger

Effective control of noise pollution can be achieved only through widespread awareness. First of all, the use of sound amplifying devices should be banned. Unnecessary honking and use of pressure horns in motor vehicles should be banned.

High level of noise should be prohibited near work places, educational institutions, residential areas and hospitals. During festivals, parties, wedding ceremonies etc., bursting of crackers making loud noises and bursting of fireworks should be avoided. Intensive plantation along the roads can help in absorbing the noise pollution caused by vehicles. In this way the ill effects of noise pollution can be reduced to a great extent. The soundproofing of houses should be ensured by soundproof windows. This can be done with proper planning. To create awareness about noise pollution in children from an early age, subjects related to noise pollution should be included in the school textbooks.

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