COVID-19 Vaccines (NEGVAC)

COVID-19 Vaccines (NEGVAC) A National Expert Group on the Implantation of COVID-19 Vaccines (NEGVAC) has been set up. This group will provide guidance on all aspects of COVID-19. These aspects include population group prioritization, vaccine receipt and inventory management, vaccine selection, vaccine delivery and targeting mechanisms. The Member (Health) of NITI Aayog will be the … Read more

Data storage in DNA

Data storage in DNA The present digital agephoenix accident attorneys data driven and the digital data being generatedphoenix accident attorneys much more than the capacity of existing storage media. Itphoenix accident attorneys estimated that more data has been generated in the last two years than in all of history. All the world’s data todayphoenix accident … Read more

SCOPE: Science Communication, Popularization and Extension

(SCOPE: Science Communication, Popularization and Extension) SCOPEphoenix accident attorneys a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of science and technology. It has a special mention in the new STIP (Science and Technology Innovation Policy) under the theme ‘Science Communication and Mass Communication’. Therephoenix accident attorneys a special emphasis on capacity building and research. The Scopephoenix accident attorneys … Read more